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Here it is, is the smallest house in Italy!

This tiny house is located in the historical center of Rome, in a romantic alley around the corner from Castel Sant'Angelo and St. Peter's Basilica.

The owner, Marco Pierazzi, architect in charge of restoration and archeology has unearthed when it was on sale, completely abandoned and no one could imagine, given the small size, it can be used as a dwelling.

Pierazzi, designed and carried out the renovation work with a team of skilled workers in the restoration of ancient structures and wood. Works took many hours of careful work to rebuild the wooden ceiling as it was originally, and to enter all the modern technological systems in an environment so small respecting and highlighting the ancient structures.

Do you want to get a sense of space? open arms, about 1.8 meters; this is the maximum width of the room. The length? does not reach 4 meters!

"I was fascinated says the owner and, incredibly enough, after a long search I found that the small room was used as a residence since the '30s. Rome was different then, were the days when it was enough for the poor a bed, a stove and washing, a short distance there was the "golden" Tiber! You will not believe: you see that niche carved into the wall? Lying on the bed space was so little that my feet did not enter, and so ... "

Yes, this is exactly what was later told the old man which, before to find a better location, for many years worked and lived in the small room. Everything in those few square meters motorbike workshop, a coachbuilder, a resale of used magazines and who knows what else before.

Open the door, enter. With astonishment we find in just 7 square meters a real kitchen, a bathroom with a large shower, small loft on the sofa bed, cupboards, shelves, table, LED TV, Hi-Fi sound system, internet access and much more!

Sure, it takes a little 'adjustment to move in so confined spaces but are familiar, you realize that there is all you need and foremost is amazingly comfortable! It cleans and organizes the house in the blink of an eye, everything is at hand and does not feel the need for more space, at least until you decide to invite friends! At the table you can sit a maximum of three people (maybe four?), One of which, according to the project will use as chair the second rung of the ladder!

The owner and designer has thought of every possible ingenious system to maximize the available centimeters (that's what it is), there are removable shelves, a trap door that folds down to increase the surface area of the loft, the subscale "contains" the boiler , many shelves, the ventilation system and the small washing machine. Do you have a bag too big? Well, the hook pulley will come to the rescue and the suitcase disappear suspended from the ceiling until it will again.

And what about the romantic bedroom? A jewel suspended under the characteristic wooden ceiling that will not make you regret most luxurious hotel rooms.